Biometrics by the Canals, Mandurah, Western Australia December 1-5, 2013

Biometrics/JABES showcase

A special plenary session will showcase recent publications in the Biometrics and JABES journals by members from the Australasian Region.

The 4 invited speakers are

  • David Fletcher (Model-Averaged Profile Likelihood Intervals),
  • Geoff Jones (A Framework for the Joint Modeling of Longitudinal Diagnostic Outcome Data and Latent Infection Status),
  • Tony Pettitt (Bayesian Experimental Design for Models with Intractable Likelihoods), and
  • Ian Renner (Equivalence of MAXENT and Poisson Point Process Models for Species Distribution Modeling in Ecology)
  • who will present a synopsis of their papers.

Special thanks to Rachel Fewster who helped the programme committee with the selection of the papers. Rachel will be chairing the session (scheduled for 8:50am on Thursday 5 December, 2013). The 4 invited speakers for the Biometrics/JABES showcase will have 25 minutes including question time.

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